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Why work with us?

Dayana, Inc. was originally founded as a private coaching practice that quickly evolved into a 4,000 sqft. wellness center with a US$500,000 investment.

During the pandemic, the shift online allowed us the opportunity to serve more people around the world, offering also online programs, group coaching, and live events.

We refined our focus and devoted ourselves to serving female entrepreneurs and providing them with expert coaching along with solid business practices in the legacy of Tony Robbins, Nick Lozmin, and Sam Ovens.

The Reviews Don't Lie

"Working with Dayana helped me raise my performance to a whole new level that

transcends anything I had done before.

I managed my stress triggers, and I found quality sleep again. I've now become a much

better CEO and... even brought out a new musical approach that I’ll be using for the next 20 years!"

Elizabeth Pitcairn

Internationally Acclaimed Classical Violinist

CEO of Luzerne Music Center

"Dayana is skilled, sensitive, and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Dayana is a gem and I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Johana Harp

President, Dance Media

Chief Founding Member


What is holding you back? Where are your blind spots? What is the greatest vision for yourself? How do you overcome self-doubt?

How do you stay motivated?

What do you prioritize?

We work on these and any other personal narratives or themes that are stopping you from experiencing the freedom you deserve, and making your vision a reality.


The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is to take action on a daily basis, no matter what, as well as to measure accurately to know what is working and what to change.

Time and project management are as fundamental as providing a great service to your clients.

This is much easier with the right level of support to keep you accountable.

Business Development

In order to take your great idea into the world, you will need to execute a solid strategy that will include: proof of concept, product-market-fit, positioning, copywriting, content creation, marketing, advertising, sales, and fulfillment.

You will need financial basics such as invoicing and payment processing. At some point in your growth curve: team building, scaling, and delegating. Teaching others how to do what to do.

Building A Conscious Business

The main differentiator, especially for women.

Consciousness-based wealth creation utilizes our innate capacity for nourishing and caring,

taking advantage of the energetics of our body in alignment with the universal laws.

This approach minimizes the forceful, "pushing and hustling" mindset that is so common in a masculine-driven industry.

As we tap into our feminine essence as well as hone in on our masculine energy, we discover a great source of power.

In two words: finding balance.


My Story

I am Dayana. I was once exactly in your shoes.

A lot of passion, a great idea, and a strong connection to my purpose. What I didn't know was how to bring my vision into the world.

My journey has taken me to learn from the best (Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Nick Kozmin), integrating solid business practices with spiritual guidance.

The main lessons I learned: it's simple, yet not easy. It requires devotion and trust as much as know-how. It takes balancing masculine and feminine energies within you.

Transforming all your fear and self-doubt into fuel.

Believing in yourself is not enough. It's time for you to see and feel the proof of your greatness. Let's go.

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